French cuisine-themed farm-to-table dinner – this Saturday, November 12th Hosted by Plant Land Garden Center and The Chef Guys

Farm-to-Table Dinner - Nov. 12
*Due to the success of our last farm-to-table private dining event at plant land on October 21st, tickets will be limited.

It’s that time of year when our beautiful valley settles down, the weather begins to chill, and we move indoors to share time at the dinner table with good friends and family.

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What is a Farm-to-table dinner?

The farm-to-table movement is about bringing locally grown, fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meats to households and restaurants by eliminating long-distance transport of food items. Along with the benefits eating locally can bring to the environment, it is also a great way to support growers in our region, who are quite often our neighbors.

Who are The Chef Guys?

“The Chef Guys” are Northwest Montana’s private dining professionals. They’ve been offering their in-home dining service here in the Flathead for over 5 years, serving their cuisine to thousands of residents and guest visiting our beautiful valley.

“We believe that food is an integral part of our  lives and life’s celebrations. Whether it’s a casual dinner with family for no other reason than to enjoy being together, or it’s a meal relished in celebration of one of life’s special moments; our goal is to enhance those experiences with meals that are as memorable as those moments. We pride ourselves in creating dining experiences that exceed your expectations and create moments of joy through every course”.

This farm-to-table dinner will be prepared and served by Chef Tyler Wells, Chef Shaun Cubberly, and Chef Thomas Carmichael of The Chef Guys.

Farm-to-Table Dinners: Saturday, November 12 Tickets per person $130 Cocktail Hour with a 4-course Dinner Cocktails and Canapes start at 6pm Dinner starts at 6:30pm