An Outstanding Team

Rather than expecting an individual private Chef to handle every angle of your food service, you will now have can have the full support of a whole company and an entire team of Chefs for your culinary needs. Whatever the style, whatever the dish, we can cook it for you.


We supply friendly, professional, and experienced Chefs, servers, support staff and bartenders, and assist you in planning and execution for your special event – big or small.

On-Call Service

Do you require weekly service? Impromptu dinners? Casual breakfast? Brunch? Pre-made meals delivered to your home? Perhaps you would like to take your personal Chef with you when vacationing or traveling? Whatever you need, we have you covered.

A Dedicated Facility

With our own local commercial kitchen location, we have maximized the efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment of our services. By preparing the ingredients and components of your meals in our company facilities, we have done away with the need to spend hours upon hours constructing each lavish dish in your home. When we arrive at your doorstep for service, all the prep-work has been done, and we can focus on cooking, plating, and serving the high-quality cuisine you deserve.


Contact us directly to be considered for membership, availability is limited.
The Chef Guys

We’ll Cook For You!